caught up and frayed along the edges

caught sometimes i let myself get caught up in things and have to find a way out. working in the yard recently i was finding myself running into lots of spiderwebs. they are quite extravagant this time of year. i saw this seed floating and land in a web, trapped and of no interest to the spider at all. perhaps a rain will fall and wash it down to the ground where it will grow. but it was a lovely little thing in the moment. you might have had to be there.

been simply crafting with shibori ribbon…
frayed along the edges. for a simple and quick finish to the shibori ribbon when using as a necklace, just run your fingernail down the length on both sides. i am liking it. the little rectangle holds a scrap of silk shibori between the two pieces of glass. i am anticipating the arrival of one of Shibori Girl Kate’s hand woven tubular beads to play with.
it’s keepin me waitin

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