booth 2052 and channel 28/sixteen

i’ve got a ways to go in order to get better at this video thing but no time to fuss with it right now- just thought you might enjoy a trip through the booth if you didn’t make it to the show.
you can turn the music down of off in the lower right hand corner if desired.
give it a minute to load so the sound doesn’t drag-

5 thoughts on “booth 2052 and channel 28/sixteen

  1. Acey

    just received my order today. WOW there is just no way any picture or video, no matter how beautiful, can begin to do your work the slightest bit of justice. So happy with my choices …


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    yeah- the video gives you the layout of the booth but leaves LOTS to be desired. i was terrible at shooting the video too. tried to cover it up with music! better next time.
    and Acey- i rarely have a hard time parting with my work- just not attached to it after it is made but i did want to gaze a little longer at those pieces you picked- the colors and the patterns were mesmerizing-so glad they went to you!



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