declaring indigo

I see the word indigo being played up by many companies promoting product hoping to cash in on current trends. I guess indigo might be considered a trend at the moment for some but here is one to consider- makeup– who knew?

Now here is a product I might even take advantage of:
indigo nails

My fingernails seem to always have a blue tinge to them these days and this might do the trick. I usually try to get a basic manicure before a show to hide all the dye stains and look presentable.
I have a google alert set for the word indigo and the rise in the number of occurrences and products lately has been noticeable. If you do an image search on Google or Flickr you get all kinds of crazy stuff.

Then there are these:
indigo children-wikipedia
seems like it might be a nice place to stay….
Hotel Indigo-San Diego

you get the idea. back to work.

7 thoughts on “declaring indigo

  1. jude

    i’m noticing the indigo trend too. when i first started using it there was none to be found, now the whole world is becoming deranged…..



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