just a quickie-

wow! all three items recently blogged sold right away! so thankful to all for coming here and sharing the energy of the indigo, its moons and derangements. midnight bike rides by moonlight highly recommended! also makes for a good night’s sleep.

just wanted to post a couple of links in thanks and gratitude- i enjoyed these very much this morning:
first- Debbie Herd shares her experience at a workshop with India Flint on her blog and then there is India’s own blog. Be prepared to be inspired!

off now to the studio to work like crazy in preparation for next week’s Long Beach Quilt Festival.

3 thoughts on “just a quickie-

  1. jude

    hey great new blog and i just received india’s book in the mail. now i want to dye. wow. congrats on the sales…..i knew they would fly…..


  2. Debbie Herd

    Hi, thank you for your kind comments, the workshop was fantastic. I cant tell you how hard it is to settle back into weaving a large tapestry when I would rather be dyeing! Next year I will be finished my diploma so I shall take a year off weaving and will be free to spend the year dyeing, cant wait! Debbie.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      thanks – i know what you mean about it being hard to work on one thing when your mind is pulling you to something else. the indigo and future madder vats are a constant temptation while i am making the shibori ribbon and other inventory for orders and shows. all in good time i suppose!



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