heading east….to the land of the rising sun

The Japanese called their islands “nippon” which means land of the rising sun. They believed theirs was the first land awakened by the rising sun.

I am pretty well ready to go-packed, biz & personal details attended to and on the second day of my anti jetlag diet. Today is a fast day so only 700 calories for me today! I should do this more often. Tomorrow is a “feast” day which is good as the crew of this silk experience will convene in Seattle to meet for an evening get together before the flight leaves on Wednesday.
An interesting group to be sure- designer, manufacturer, tailor, pattern maker, dyer, quilter, writer, publisher and artists, all- connected by the fine thread of silk. Let’s see what we can learn and do together!

Now there’s no telling when I will next post-it all depends on time and convenience but if you do facebook or twitter feel free to tag along that way as my iphone may be a quick way to post our latest status.

Thanks to all who ordered ribbon at the Sayonara sale. Much appreciated
and all shipped out! You should be receiving your packages shortly. Finished my article for an upcoming Stampington magazine….more on that later. The deadline was while I will be in Japan so had to get that out right away. Phew!

And check this out-
notice the shibori ribbon detail- color=cool ash
Nice! This was made by Delores of Running With Scissors Studio and Supplies, one of the latest online retailers of my silk shibori ribbon. Delores emailed me the details:
“It is a boxed pillow that is approx. 18″ x 18” in size with a down/feather pillow fill. The photograph was printed onto an EQ Printables Premium Cotton Satin Inkjet fabric sheet. It was then “framed” in fabric using both grey and black silks, velvet piping, ball chain bead trim and of course, Cool Ash Silk Shibori Ribbon. The main body of the pillow is in a crushed black velvet and the contrast gusset is in grey silk. Bead clasps and black ribbon add detail to the sides. It was a gift for our web designer and he was quite thrilled with it.”
I guess so! Check out Delores’ blog as well.

So if you were looking for more ideas on how to use the ribbon-go see Delores! She’s now carrying close to 20 or so colors! She ships from Canada.
Well, that’s it for now- see ya on the silk road!

3 thoughts on “heading east….to the land of the rising sun

  1. jude

    have a great trip, sounds wonderful, i became a fan of running with scissors over at face book. and keep me posted on when you article is coming out. its raining and i will sit and stitch with some of your glorious silk today.


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