back to regularly scheduled shibori!

new colors
new ribbon colors-lilac, seafoam, lemon merangue, and apricot

Seems like spring got a hold of the dye studio over the weekend and this was the result. Lilacs and wisteria inspired purple, seafoam greens from a walk on the beach, lemon merangue (not completely new-just new-ish) from the lemon tree now in full production, and even though the apricots are green on the branches right now there is the promise of this peachy orange in the loaded branches now weighing down the tree outside. all of course now packed and ready for a trip to Chicago. Be sure to come by and say hello- Booth 1343!

Thanks to all who added their thoughts to my recent post on questioning the role of artists in our communities. It was a big question, I know. But there were lots of good thoughts and in the end I was able to figure out a few things for myself- which is all we can do anyway. Seems like continuing to question, to learn, to share what we figure out while artmaking is what fits best for me so with that said- shibori on!

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