feeling a bit prickly

Maybe because I was working on this:
-and asking myself “what is the point?”. Having so much that needs to get done before Chicago and the study trip to Japan while at the same time being called out online for “standing on the sidelines criticizing instead of rolling up my sleeves and doing something”. This I get for publicly stating my opinion on recent discussions ( LBPost )about the future of art in our fine city of Long Beach. I admit I said the E word (education) and as you know, it is something I am passionate about when it comes to public education. But to be called out both on a youtube video as well as in a public forum by (get this) the same person who “borrowed” one of my ElementaryArt pics from my blog and then used it to promote himself without permission, attribution or anything just left me feeling a little prickly.
So, in retaliation, I headed to the studio to work where I had several rewarding days with dye and silk.
Releasing the threads that bound the pent up fabric and removing the sharp and now unnecessary barbs the silk rewarded me with small volcanic-like mountains complete with lava flow and molten ash. Very Icelandic- thank you Gudrun for your book of paintings based on natural surfaces in Iceland-just marvelous! You can see her work hanging in the airport in Reykjavik when you arrive (and by the way she is my sister in law). So much inspiration in your work- I see all sorts of “scapes” for shibori work there.
Then, another sign of renewal-
momma dove sitting on her nest in the plum tree.

some more large wraps for birthday gift orders..here’s one
Plus I get to iron silk while a band rehearses in the next room.
the sound was sweet!
( oh and I’m gonna ignore the threat of a defamation lawsuit you posted and just assume you had temporarily lost your mind- wishes for a speedy recovery)

11 thoughts on “feeling a bit prickly

  1. jude

    well it looked a bit like some sort of skewered barbecue until you opened it up. probably the best thing for ya. get in there and play. yay.


  2. ana

    yes, these sorts of people and organizations seem to proliferate often with good intention but sometimes without much result. artists, makers, musicians and the like do feel the need to insulate themselves from this sort of energy in order to do the work they have to do-which is of course to create.


  3. mendofleur

    I love the color of the silk and the process. Best to dig in and create sometimes. Some people are harsh and awkward and one needs a little recovery time.

    The dove is so sweet and helps my heart feel light.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      jean and phyllis –
      yes, shibori is metaphorical on most days. on other days, it makes my shoulders hurt!

      and sadly, the dove’s nest is gone and there is no sign of her. hoping for the best.


      1. Suzanne

        yowza! arts fight. i still don;t get what happened here. how did this feud start? he seems like he is so into the arts that if it were a romance novel his bare torso would grace the cover…



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