thanks dad….and mata-ne!

he died peacefully this morning surrounded by love. it’s hard to ask for more.

a few memories…. (click for more pics)

eating huckleberries out of his hand

watching him fix the family cars

visiting the shipyards

listening to the tapes he recorded and sent the family while he was working in Vietnam (bombs going off in the background)

delivering homemade christmas candies to friends from the back of the Hillman Huskie


watching him build and fix …anything

cooking artichokes

watching JFK’s funeral on TV-the one that he built

shaking his head and scratching it at the same time

Peanuts and anything Charles Schultz

Chico, CA

explaining engineering stuff

helping me with math

Donald Duck and anything Carl Barks

being practical, dependable, steady

wondering how the heck i’d ever make a living at this but going with it anyway (see shaking his head and scratching it at the same time)

-the last time i was able to talk to him he kinda summed it up…..

“keep trying”

it was regarding something particular but just the same it meant a whole lot more.

thanks dad-much love

16 thoughts on “thanks dad….and mata-ne!

  1. Acey

    that was such a heartfelt sendoff. Very sweetly generous of you to share the memories and these moments with your disembodied friends in blogland …


  2. Belinda Butler

    Glennis–My condolences on your loss. It’s clear from the memories you’ve shared that your dad had a great deal to do with the woman you became/are becoming. His death will shape you, too. I’m very glad you’ve had a chance to say goodbye, but I know, no matter the circumstances, we’re never ready to lose our dads. May you and your family be blessed with loving memories and peace. Namaste.


  3. anna lisa

    He sounds like a wonderful man to create such a wonderful legacy of memories and lessons for you and your family. “Keep trying” really does sum it up doesn’t it? My condolences on your loss, thank you for sharing your memories with us all


  4. jude

    i am so impressed with the positive energy here. i am sorry for you loss but happy that you can hold him so close in your heart. thank you for sharing your strength.


  5. carol

    eating popcorn and watching lightening out the living room window.
    eating tomatoes with salt at kopachuck beach
    eating sardines and saltines
    eating raw sugar cane
    tasting rhubarb from the garden
    TIME ALONE…bedtime stories
    digging for clams at the beach
    he chaperoned my 5th grade camping trip to shimoda beach in japan..he was in charge of the food tent..he was very popular.
    he taught me to use his leather working tools
    he built that great passive solar house that was half underground
    he wrote the monthly income report spreadsheet for my business 14 years ago. Still use it every day.
    he made huge macrame wall hangings and plant hangers .
    he made beautiful stained glass pieces
    he made cross stitched christmas stockings for all the grand kids.
    he taught me to rebuild the carb. on my car when i was in high school.
    he went through his life doing and making leaving a trail of his creations as he went.


  6. marie

    I am so sorry for your loss but the memories you have written are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them it really touched me… those we love are always with us and those memories live in our heart always. Peace to you.


  7. coral-seas

    Glennis (and Carol), how lucky you are that this wonderful man filled your early years with memories to treasure. Thank you for sharing them, I must have been bitter sweet.

    My condolenses for your loss and my best wishes that those joyful memories ease your pain.



  8. Karen at sew and sow life

    Glennis, I just found your blog (through Ravenhill’s). It is a beautiful blog, rich with color and thought and creativity. A fitting legacy. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts as you begin to navigate this world without your beloved Dad.


  9. beth


    I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like he led a wonderfully full life and helped you make these beautiful memories. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Peace to you and your family.


  10. glennis

    many thanks to all for your comments and good wishes-both here and via private email. it’s so wonderful to share these memories of my dad here with all and nice to read my sister carol’s own list-some of which were new even to me!
    each passing day becomes a little easier and less teary- at least yesterday i could work on the ribbon flowers in Candace’s class without tears dropping and blurring my vision. i had to cancel out of fridays class- spent thursday evening with a friend who unexpectedly lost both her parents in the last 8 months-we finished off the whole bottle of wine ourselves-just too much for me! i was able to exchange friday for sunday and now am off to make fabric flowers with Candace and the girls!


  11. Diane

    It is great that you have the legacy of love, family, & creativity. Making things help to make it through. My thoughts are with you.


  12. jeanne, herself

    well, just call me the cow’s tail – but know that just because i dropped completely off the radar doesn’t mean i forgot about you and your dad. such a peaceful, touching eulogy . . .



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