loose ends

Well, here it is March already. I spent several days buried in paperwork, tying up the loose ends of 2008, finished and filed my taxes and submitted the FAFSA aps- always a good thing to put behind you. You know what I’m talking about if you are not independently wealthy and have kids in college.
I continue on here with one foot in front of the other while life for my dad is closing in and he is turning inward more and more.
There has thankfully been a steady stream of sisters there since I returned and they and my mom along with hospice care have been keeping him comfortable, humored, and in good company in these final days. My sister told me today that he had been making odd hand motions these past two days and they finally decided he was trying to tie imaginary knots. They gave him some string to work with and that seemed to satisfy for a bit. He also communicated a dream he had last night about being in an airport traveling but that he hadn’t yet arrived-wasn’t sure where he was going. And as I went about my day today I kept returning to these thoughts. I see him, his mind busy, his hands trying to tie up life’s loose ends as he makes his way home. It’s a comfort of sorts.

3 thoughts on “loose ends

  1. Julie Herberger-Dittrich

    Hi, I know of you from our flickr Shibori Group

    Good luck with your father and try to be happy that he had a full life with you and your family, even though his time is coming to an end. I was with my mom in April, July and Aug. of 2008 and took care of her with my sister and brother and Dad. We were happy to have my mom at home during her last months with cancer. We became like nurses and had the hospice people visit us regulary and give us tips on how to make her time more pleasent. I think what she liked best was just still being a part of our family and a part of life, even though she was fully aware that she was leaving life a little day by day. I wish you all the best and hope that you find some nice times ahead even though the road can be bumpy.
    your felting and shibori friend Julie



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