shibori flower garden

-been plantin’ some seeds & anticipating spring. looking for renewal.

I’m buried in paperwork for the next couple of days but in an effort to contest the dreariness of the job I procrastinated for a bit and made a bunch of pretty things. Should you want to make some yourself you can order up some ribbon and get a jump on spring.
Or you can order them made to order. All available on my etsy site.

I’ve always loved to look at how things grow and last month I dropped a few tulip bulbs into some containers to watch them grow indoors. This was taken over a week ago and now the roots are really fascinating. Several already have buds!

I am very excited to be taking a two day workshop with the master herself- Candace Kling! She just published a new website with dates of her upcoming workshops. I can’t wait to see what comes from mixing shibori ribbon with her techniques. This is my first class with her (or any ribbon class actually) and I hear they are just wonderful.
I’ve always loved her chocolate boxes-all ribbon of course!
This one is titled “Queen of Hearts”.
Make sure you click on the Art link in the sidebar to see some of her more unusual pieces. If you are in So Cal- maybe you’d like to join us!

Don’t forget- my shibori floral necklace class at Joggles starts March 11.

On another note-here’s a little lesson from the studio-
make sure you don’t contaminate the shibori by rolling the hot steamed poles on a towel that has some dye on it.
10 yards for an order that had to be redone!
so, after cutting out the offending sections-
-I have some very nice 12″-13″ yellow strips of shibori ribbon!
They’ll go into kits, scrap bags and finished flowers.
AND, I had to redye yellow, wrap, discharge, steam, & dry this color so I could ship the order!
When you have lemons -make lemon drop roses!

8 thoughts on “shibori flower garden

  1. Nadine

    Oooohhh! I LOVE the floral brooches! Just fab! Lucky you taking a workshop with Candace Kling; I’ve had her book for years and I love it. That box of chocolates of hers is extraordinary! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  2. shibori girl

    Hi Glennis,
    You did a gorgeous job on these! They put me in the mood for spring…

    Enjoy your class with Candace Kling – for years I made ribbon flowers using her book as a tutorial. She has a lot of talent and tips to share.



  3. mofojo

    The brooch in the top right corner looks a lot like a flower. I would buy that one for my grandmother. See liked to wear brooches.

    Tulip Bulbs? I thought it was onion.


  4. shiborigirl Post author

    there is something about the orange ones- i’m attracted to that color lately. and jude- of course i didn’t throw them away! i sent them to YOU!
    and joe-you’re just used to smelling onions cooking in my kitchen-and yes your grandmother would like one!
    (and your girlfriend and your mom)
    kate- funny to see another shiborigirl posting comments here-



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