a quick post-

I came across this blog this morning which I have never seen before-although it has been around since 2006!

It appears to be written by the gal running the Sozan Indigo shop there in Taiwan. I have left a comment there and sent her a message of introduction.
There is a wealth of beautiful indigo shibori there as well as much more information.

They are advertising an indigo exhibition going on now in Taipei:
Jiengshan Nature Center, Yangmingshan National Park

2F., No.89, Lane 101, Jingshan Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Organizer : Yangmingshan National Park
Sponsor:Taiwan Indigo Dyeing Society

Wish I was in Taipei this week!

4 thoughts on “a quick post-

  1. MaryAnn Hardy

    Your site is gorgeous! The colour and textures are a balm for my eyes; we have 6 months of snow-covered landscape here in the extreme north of British Columbia. I’m getting exhausted with WHITE.

    Thank you for the lovely images!

    Atlin, BC



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