snow, sunclouds and stars

That’s how he described the weather today. He was asleep for most of it. His second story hillside bedroom faces the river which flows eastward below the Cascades. We’ve moved a bed right up to the large picture windows. It’s quite a view, really. We can enjoy the changing light on the mountains as days tun into nights tun into days and into nights again. The moon has gifted us by hanging it’s golden sail right in plain view these past nights. There are birds, some small as well as larger hawks to keep us entertained. Small armies of round quail gather and then quickly disperse again, as unseen enemies approach. Then there are the support troops, small and adorable brown rabbits, no bigger that the quail themselves who pop in and out of the brush as if gathering intelligence to pass along to the quail. Last visit, before the bed was brought to the window, one of these rabbits had the misfortune to be spotted by a hawk and ended up being feasted upon and left to hang lifeless in the branch of the tree right outside this window. Thankfully, my brother dislodged it before I returned. I did not want to see that dead rabbit hang there. I have reminder enough of what is about to come.
It’s still cold here, but not so snowy now. Taking long walks in the cold air to clear my head each day- as well as to balance out the burden of inactivity.
Took this pic the other day- it’s kind of how I am feeling- on edge- on thin ice- seeing clearly to the bottom of things-noticing how things settle and decay.

8 thoughts on “snow, sunclouds and stars

  1. jude

    great shot glennis. i try to imagine all that happens in life like this picture, just strangely beautiful if we can just change our perception. i hug you from here.


  2. Donna

    Thought you would be amused to see that I’m crawling into tech land.
    I’m so very sorry about your Dad, but I know how important it is to just be there.
    I’m also learning that some of life just requires that we just show up. Where there is good we are there to absorb it,where there is bad or negative we can learn to deflect it. Lots of love and the tangerines are waiting for your return.


  3. glennis

    i couldn’t ask for better company than all of you- some of life’s most beautiful moments can be sad-it often has to do with one’s perception.

    feel free to create a color palate neki-send me the link would you-or post it here for all-i love how you do that!

    tangerines….just the THOUGHT of the smell of tearing the peel away lifts my mood-can’t wait for that!


  4. Acey

    Hi Glennis – it is impossible not to think about you since I see your calendar many times a day in my upstairs hallway and that always reminds me of what you have shared about real life and its turning points of this time. Best thoughts, ever …


  5. whereishenow

    the river that flows toward the cascades…. i hope that it gives you peace….it’s so beautiful there…

    I lived deep in a valley of the cascades at Holden Village…. a boat trip up Lake Chelan and then up in to the valley. Did you grow up in Wenatchee??

    hugs to you.



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