2009 Shibori Girl calendar- done!


Last year’s calendar sold out at both my Houston (Nov.) and Pasadena (Jan.) shows. This year’s version is done using the same format but of course with 13 of this year’s favorite and most commented on images from the blog and flickr. I’ll have them available in January at the Road to California show of course, but at the moment they’re for sale on my etsy site.

Spiral bound and printed on 11″ x 8.5″ 100# premium glossy stock.
If you order two or more-shipping is free- for now. They make a fun gift for any textile loving friend and of course you’ll need one for yourself!

4 thoughts on “2009 Shibori Girl calendar- done!

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    thanks connie! i added a link in the sidebar (Printing) so you can go and check out everything they have to offer. i’ve been very happy with VistaPrint and have had lots of printing done very economically over the past two years.
    i do all my own photography and layout though- spent 8 hours yesterday working with all the images and layout for the calendar.



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