I spent the other evening working on reorganizing my color formula recipe cards, master color list, and swatch book. It’s a pretty involved process really. First, I have the base dye recipe cards (about 25) that I have developed and swatched. Each card has the dye recipe, a sample swatch, and a list of the ribbon colorways it is used for. Next, I have the master color list. This consists of the shibori ribbon colorway name & #, followed by a notation stating whether or not it is run through a discharge bath, followed by the overdye color(s) of that particular colorway. There are now about 50 in my repertoire. This is essential so that I can repeat the colorways. It is not an exact science however and although I can repeat a colorway’s process, each time there are subtle differences that result and I learn new things each time!
Lastly, there are the colorway cards which have a 4″ length of the final pleated shibori ribbon attached with their color name & # next to each sample. I have a set of 5 cards covering about 35 colors (of the 50) available for $50. I ship them to wholesale accounts N/C with a $500 order so they can easily place re-orders.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can scan in the two new cards and get cards 3-5 up online today. I also have about 120 yards of ribbon to base dye in 4 different colors. My biggest problem(?) is that I keep making new colors! I just pulled off a really pretty red and orange ribbon- for some reason, I had never done that combo before! It will be the start of card #6!

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