allowing for madness



Lately I’ve been putting aside some time to do some more personal work. While I am wrapping ribbon, base dyeing, and doing various production work where my mind can wander I have all kinds of sundry visions of sculptural shibori that just has to find it’s way out of my head. Otherwise I can’t sleep at night.
I expect that’s just how it is with lots of artists. Probably why people often think of them as eccentric or even crazy. It’s probably true to a degree. I just have to allow myself to go into the madness for some of this work to get done. Sometimes just making something for the sheer beauty of it is all that is needed. Making something that has no purpose other than just being there.
Exploring things like impermanence, transparency, change, and sculpture in silk shibori. These objects cannot be maintained as they now exist over long periods of time. They are to be enjoyed and viewed for the moment. I might be moved to change them tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “allowing for madness

  1. Meera CUram

    WOW..that was the word that came to me when i saw this..Amazing..It feels as if it will move any time now and change in to something else 🙂 hope you will have a great year ahead…



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