World Shibori Network & new blog

While looking for info on the recently concluded International Shibori Symposium I came upon a new blog they (WSN) have started which is intended to report the goings on over in France and covering the various associated events. There’s not much content there yet but the subtitle reads:

“Official blog of the World Shibori Network organization. Informal announcements, WSN news, updates on our textile friends from around the world and other curated topics we think you’ll like.”

Looks like they are trying to collect photos from attendees to post and are asking people to add photos to flickr. I searched flickr but so far haven’t found any. Hope to see more soon!

I also found this blog which has already loaded quite a number of photos as well as a bit of daily journaling of the trip (it’s a Japanese site).

Here are a couple of blogs in french that have some pics as well:
blog de margaux abad
Blog de Chloé Lecoup

That’s what I found so far. Since I wasn’t able to go and see for myself I have to be content to live vicariously through these blogs even though I can’t understand most of what they are talking about!

One thought on “World Shibori Network & new blog

  1. WSN

    Hi shiborigirl,
    a big thanks for posting about our new blog. glad to hear you found it through the maze that is the interweb. we’re definitely looking for pictures and other news so thanks for putting it out there!



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