intermission #2 …part 2

OK. So to see where this came from, go back to the last post.

-another sample of the marbled glazes we printed onto the molds before slip casting with porcelain.

and several samples of foam/dye marbeling on silk broadcloth using Colorhue dyes:



So, now back to polewrapping!
The start date for the next Joggles class for silk shibori flower making has been pushed back to Nov. 27. Still time to sign up and order ribbon! I’ll be posting several new tutorials and hopefully even some video to those signed up in addition to the regular stuff we will cover in the class (3 flower designs).

3 thoughts on “intermission #2 …part 2

  1. Kristin L

    Those are awesome. I’ve done some marbling on fabric with algea-thickened water and water based paints, but have not tried using foam as a base. I also don’t like the hand of the fabric using paints, but suck at thickening Procion dyes. Does the foam simplify the process?


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    not sure if it simplifies things since the only other thing i have done with marbling has been with defloculated glazes on porcelain clay. using the foam was pretty simple. i didn’t water it down like most seem to do and i used the dye fully concentrated. i liked it best with the silk broadcloth as opposed to lighter weight silks. it gave me an appreciation for the pieces i saw on the jupiter’s things website. his pieces are quite large -mine were just small (6 x6 ) swatches.



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