intermission # 2 …not shibori

glaze close up

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Well, still no post part two yet- busy with stuff and sorts but took myself on a little side trip of distraction with some foam dyeing/printing on silk.

Once upon a time, many many years ago in a little porcelain studio in Long Beach CA we produced a line of ware that was cast and glazed using a special process where we “printed” the specially made molds with a specially formulated glaze. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that it was a patented process which produced some really lovely items which we sold to a number of nice department stores such as Robinson’s and Bullock’s, Geary’s and the like (all of whom are now gone due to the merging and death of department stores…blah, blah..)

ANYWAY……fast forward to last year when I purchased some EZScreenPrint sheets for the kids to make some custom band shirts to sell at their concerts and gigs (we call them “merch”). It involved creating the screen design and mixing dye with shaving cream and pulling it across the screen to print the design on the fabric.

HENCE, I was left with cans of shaving cream and of course some of the Colorhue dyes I have around and I began to think about putting the two together.

I had heard mention of “foam dyeing” and scouted around online to see what I could find. Not too much really. Dharma has some instructions for MX dyes, Jupiter’s Things has a site with some pieces done in this technique but not too much info.

Giving myself a few hours to goof off in the studio and take a break from all the pole wrapping, I came up with some techniques to produce something reminiscent of those porcelain glaze designs of yore…

I am posting this through my flickr site as I had this image stored there and could easily find it so now I will go and download the images from my camera of the foam printing and be right back with post # 2 in this series…….

(you can click the photo and it will take you to a set of some of my porcelain work from my previous incarnation..)

2 thoughts on “intermission # 2 …not shibori

  1. Diane

    I think if you do a search on shaving cream dyeing, as opposed to foam dyeing, you will find several sites with nice articles about this interesting method. I am considering trying this out with fiber reactive MX dyes.



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