change in plans…..

you know, life happens. and when it does, we adjust. so now i am flying to houston, shipping my merchandise, being picked up at the airport by virginia who will wear a lovely hat so i can recognize her and room with my friend jennifer from atlanta. we will have a great time too, and make it all work out.
gail is coming tomorrow to help get everything packed and shipped off. airline tickets have been purchased, reservations canceled, new ones made and a few other details attended to.
the main thing is though that phil will stay in long beach to be with his mom who is having triple bypass surgery within the next 48 hours.
this is how it should be and we trust she will be better for it.
we are however, exhausted.
(ps. i’m gonna cancel the sunday make and take, so thursday will be the only one-sorry)

5 thoughts on “change in plans…..

  1. paulahewitt

    I hope Phils Mum is ok. i can only imagine the machinations to make these adjustments – i hope it all – the show, the surgery goes well


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    yes, i should have titled the post “changing directions” at least.
    all is good, boxes shipped today.
    had a hospital visit and going back for another shortly. packing suitcases with ribbon and a couple of changes of clothes-maybe one more box to ship tomorrow and a couple extra days to make flowers!
    no more dyeing though.
    and most importantly, olivia is doing well.


  3. beth

    whoa- u-turn indeed! while these “speed bumps” in life really toss us around- I do believe they serve a purpose. i think. (remind me I said this sometime…) maybe it’s so we slow down and remember there’s important stuff out there to pay attention to, and it might not be what we think it is.

    though it would be nice if we didn’t get whiplash while being reminded…. 🙂

    healing thoughts and best wishes coming your way for your loved ones and yourself. good luck at the show! the ribbon pictures on flickr look yummy.



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