preparing for Houston Quilt Festival

i’ve added a new poll for you to help me decide when i am ready for the show. it’s a new wordpress thing and i am just playing with it. go ahead…your vote counts! at least here!

lists….necessary to keep me from going crazy. i know i will forget something but hopefully my show list will keep it from being anything too important.

now there are a couple of things that are VERY important:
-my own pillow
-comfortable shoes
-simple clothing
-enough credit card slips and receipt books
-blank book / journal for capturing all the random thoughts i will have on the trip as well as receipts, business cards, and ephemera that i will collect
– supplies for sewing more flowers along the drive
– my nikon
-my iphone

since we are driving, packing the car IS rocket science! there is a real art to it. my best guy will be driving the shiborigirl bus (otherwise known as the 240 volvo wagon) and we are really looking forward to the trip. we so enjoyed the drive last year and I think that driving there was less stressful than flying and shipping in my booth as I had always done. it allows me to take some display items that just can’t be shipped at a reasonable cost. phil has generously subbed out his band’s gigs while we are gone and will be invaluable in so many ways. certain parts of this show are really fun and other parts just plain hard work. every time there are new twists and turns and it’s essential to be willing and prepared to adjust and make things work out. i can’t say enough about how grateful i am phil comes along and puts up with me on a trip like this. we do enjoy the time to just talk along the drive and enjoy the change of scenery. he is ever so patient with it all and is great in the booth as well!
it comes from years and years of being an entertainer and working with and understanding people of all kinds. teaching a workshop at the show will be an added twist and i am sure i will learn a lot from it and be prepared to do it even better the next time around.
i have three days left to finish the inventory, one day to get all my loose ends tied up, one day to assemble booth materials and pack the car and then we’re off!
for now, tables, lights, and steel has been ordered for the booth. draping has been flameproofed, the car has been serviced, workshop materials shipped, orders completed and shipped out, house sitters organized, bills paid, blah blah blah…
i wonder what i am forgetting?

3 thoughts on “preparing for Houston Quilt Festival

  1. Kristin L

    Do you need cash with which to make change? How about extension cords and surge protectors? Scissors, tape and string for last minute adjustments and repairs? A really pretty lipstick.



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