Quilt Festival Houston

I just got the update on my Festival workshop- Exploring Stitch Resisted Shibori. There are only 4 spots left. So if you think you want to be there you really need to sign up now! The class is capped at 25 and will no doubt close within a week. There will be no sign ups at the show. Here are the details:

Friday Oct. 31 9am-12 noon
Class Fee-$35
Materials Fee-$22

I entitled my workshop Exploring Stitch Resisted Shibori because in the 3 hours we will have together we will only really be able to touch the surface of this technique and its many, many permutations. My desire is to fill you with ideas and inspiration combined with hands on trial and error so you can get a feel for all the marvelous possibilities this technique has to offer. I am not one for sending you away with lots of handouts and step by step instructions . There are already countless books and online resources for that by folk much more studied in the history and documentation of traditional shibori techniques. I have read all the books. I will have my favorites available for you to browse through. You will not leave wearing your new creation (i don’t think!). I am interested in showing you what can be done with these techniques in the context of your own work and how to adapt and combine these techniques for exploring new possibilities. We will work quickly, making many many small study pieces that can later be combined into collaged work or put into a reference notebook as you go on to do larger works later on. We will work with various types and weights of silk fabric. Although we will be working with silk all of the techniques can be transferred to other fabrics and their appropriate dyesets.

You are welcome to bring your own stitching tools- needle, seam ripper, scissors, etc. but I will have everything you need on hand. You will need to bring your glasses if you wear them!!
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work with someone who forgot their glasses and can’t see the work. It’s one thing I can’t really help you with! (although I am known to bring an extra pair of reading glasses or let you borrow mine….)
My workshop is only one in the series of workshops presented by the Silk Experience- run by Maggie Backman-(look here for other workshops in the series). Maggie is the gal behind Colorhue Dye (also Silk Things/Things Japanese) and is just a wealth of information on many things related to silk. In the workshops at Houston we all use the Colorhue Dyes as they are very appropriate for the classroom setting we have available to us
I will also be teaching this class at the Chicago 2009 Festival.


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