white roses

Purity, innocence, sympathy, and spirituality have long been associated with white roses but they can also be found expressing true love, young love and virtue aside from being admired for their simple beauty.

Just one of the things being worked on as I prepare inventory for the upcoming show in Houston. The staff at Quilts Inc. was given quite a challenge with Hurricane Ike roaring through town and only today are getting back into their offices for the first time since getting power restored and phones lines coming back on slowly. If anyone can put on a show following a hurricane, it’s Quilts Inc.. I really don’t know how they do it but seems that no matter what, they are up for the challenge. If you have signed up for any classes give them a little extra time to get the huge backlog of emails and VM’s handled- they are in catch-up mode. They have also extended the signup deadline by two weeks. I am waiting to hear if there are any spots left in my workshop and I’ll post the answer as soon as I hear.

No time for more- busy wrapping, dyeing, sewing, and just general preparation!

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