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although this blog is mainly focused on my practice of shibori, the other intent here is to communicate the the process of creative practice. when i first started tripping around the internet, i was reading a much wider variety of blogs- mostly creative craft/artist/maker blogs. these days i have pared my reading down to a smaller number of these blogs, realizing that part of what i am looking for in a good blog read is an understanding of the artist/bloggers process and the ability to follow it over a longer period of time.

i think about this when i go to a gallery or museum. i want to know how an artist arrived at a certain point in their work. seeing one or two pieces rarely satisfies-it’s out of context for me- i want to see what led up to it. how it was arrived at. where the twists and turns occurred. wonder where it will lead.

when it comes to my own work, each piece is a culmination of previous experiences with the materials and ideas. this sort of work happens over time. some of it in the in between times of more production oriented work. it’s a balance between the two. one informs the other when i get the balance just right.
sometimes i am the only one who sees the connections-that’s ok. but it is a large part of what interests me when i am looking at the work of others.

when someone says to me that my work “lacks focus”, i wonder what they are not seeing. perhaps it’s not the work itself but my ability to communicate that is lacking. or even (not that i’d mention it) their lack of willingness to take the time to look into the creative nucleus of the artist/maker to better understand the genesis.

3 thoughts on “artistic focus

  1. paulahewitt

    thanks for this – very interesting. I think I lack focus sometimes, but when I look back at my blog I can see the points at which I have changed direction, made decisions, allowed myself to put things together – so i can see the path I’ve taken much more clearly since I’ve been blogging – but it doesn’t make the path ahead any easier to see yet.

    And sometimes (recently) when I have been blogging about everything but my primary interest – it’s because those aspects of my life inform my embroidery and I find it interesting (so I assume other do to) to discover somewhat of the person behind the stitches.

    most of the blogs I follow now are those where I am interested in the person’s journey as much as the finished product.

    btw: when i read through the first time I read the last word in your post as genius. 🙂 it works just as well as genesis I think.


  2. jude

    i think i am blogging to focus on my focus, after all it is a journal and i find that i am using it more to discover myself as well as communicate with others. the last sentence of your post is a very important issue. a while back someone said to me( about something i did) that it was sooo not me. i wondered if they had taken the time to know me well enough.


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    ha ha- i read the same word paula when i scanned back over my post making sure my words matched my thoughts- i thought
    -whoa did i really write that?? then i too reread it as genesis and relaxed- which IS of course what i meant. in my own mind i have moments of genius-but only in my own mind.
    and yes jude, this is something i have been thinking more about lately too. especially when i read and write comments on blogs.
    one reason i particularly like reading
    ragged cloth cafe- which btw had a recent post which also interested me…i know you saw it cos i read your comment….



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