just working…

bad hair day or good shibori day?

bad hair day or good shibori day?

never underestimate the time it takes to remove all the stitching

working on stitch technique samples for workshop in houston

working on stitch technique samples for workshop in houston

thinking myself so smart for finding and ordering the perfect thread to use when practicing stitched shibori, i ordered black.
which is just fine.
except when dyeing black.

the great thing is that is won’t break, is very visible while stitching and drawing up threads, and doesn’t take the dye.

7 thoughts on “just working…

  1. jude

    you know i tried this once on a simple scale, but taking out the stitches REALLY tested my patience. i thought it was just me or i did it wrong, glad to know it is part of the process. love the way it looks with all the black hair. alien like. i’m gonna try again.


  2. coral-seas

    Darn those pesky picture thieves. I understand why you now need to print copyright on all of your pictures but I feel really annoyed that we cannot enjoy them with it because of their selfish ways (in addition to my disgust of how they treated you in the first place).



  3. beth

    Haha…I’m so sorry I shouldn’t revel in the trials of others…but I just started picking the stitches out of a silk shawl (22×90). The entire thing is stitched in black thread, the ENTIRE thing. No blank spaces anywhere. It’s dyed a very deep dark cranberry red.- which looks like black.
    It’s already making me crazy. If I hadn’t spent about 2 months worth of bus commutes into work stitching the darn thing- i would have chucked it by now.

    Glad to see someone else made the same mistake 🙂 Would like to find some nice strong upholstery thread in hot pink. That would stand out no matter the color, but unfortunately the chance of finding that are nil.


  4. shiborigirl Post author

    yes, this technique definitely qualifies as “slow cloth”. probably the slowest of all the shibori techniques -for me anyway. from thinking out the design, doing the actual stitching, pulling up all those threads, dyeing the cloth, and then removing the threads. not a production technique.

    as for the copyright *&)@BS*^+* –
    there are other solutions- they cost $ and all of it takes extra time. i am currently reading all the posts at flickr forums as well as some photographers blog sites on this issue of watermarking and copyrights to see what my options are. Digimark has some solutions -the cheapest being $79 Yr up to $500 or so. but even still, no real solution seems apparent….. my concern right now is that i am picking photos for my annual shibori girl calendar and photo cards for the Houston show and some of the images i wanted to use were ones that were swiped (not to mention my use of my images for future marketing purposes)- i feel differently about using them now……
    i will continue to deface my photos until i come to some conclusion on this subject- somewhat as a protest. i wonder if we could bring this subject to light across the internet by having a day where everyone posted a defaced watermarked image to their flickr site and blog? boy that would be a sight wouldn’t it? not a good one by any means!


  5. Eric

    Pulling threads…I sip tea and enjoy stitching up, but when it’s time to pull the stitches out it drive me nuts! That said, it’s often stimulating too… so slow, building up as more stitches are removed, until you can see the pattern emerging then… finally, revelation of the whole. That keeps me at shibori, stitched and otherwise.

    I think a deface photo day would be an eye opener. I’d participate.


  6. shiborigirl Post author

    i love the pulling out of the stitches…it’s the pulling up- especially on a complicated piece- that drives me crazy. one broken thread and i could actually cry. seeing the result is worth it all though- even when it doesn’t meet my expectations….just makes me want to start again!! kinda like childbirth that way….you forget the pain and do it again.

    i am teaching a workshop in exploring stitch resisted shibori in houston coming up (3 hours) and going to make it very simple. i don’t want people to get frustrated on their first attempt at it. i have bought some breakproof thread that works very well so that problem will be virtually eliminated. but all the rest…….really, i’m just a shibori coach!

    and it would be interesting to see a defaced photo day on flickr…..that would be a huge task to promote that idea-i’m not sure where one would start…..



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