what if?

I added my first block to the crazy quilt revisited pool last weekend but never got around to getting it up here-until now-

I know many of you who read this have already seen this over at flickr but I had a couple more things to add here.

silk shibori ribbon and textiles, crystal teardrop,thread

what if it was all silk shibori?
what if it isn’t square?
what if it wasn’t flat?
what if i made up my own stitches?
what if i added flowers and spiders?
what if i used lava rock shibori ribbon as a binding?

I did kind of go crazy with this one. It’s all silk shibori scraps (except for the outside edge-about 24″ of lava rock shibori ribbon) left over from either flower making or from workshop demos. I thought- what
if I used the shibori ribbon as a seam binding? I have been wanting to do this for some time. I purchased some black cotton seam binging in Houston last year that I polewrapped and discharged and ironed flat for a somewhat more traditional shibori binding using my discharged swatches from Karren Brito’s makiage challenge last year.

I was whatiffing back then- noticing that the two black cotton fabrics had discharged to completely different colors- I thought-what if i just used them together anyway? WHOOAAA.
Which leads us to the current CQR block…..what if I used the ribbon and let the sculptural pleating create an undulating edge that I can’t really control? In the makiage sampler, I ironed the binding flat (traditional) allowing more control of the edge. At the time I thought- I want it to be squared off, neat, done “right”. Not really being a quilter, I really had no idea what right was but hey, I’ve seen lots of books (even have a few) and many ,many quilts and had always admired their crisp edges.
So here, one year later, I am looking at life a little differently, enjoying the undulating and ravelly edges, letting things stray further from my control (as if i really had control in the first place), letting them take shape as they will. I guess that is why I like the CQR’s so much. It is forgiving, allowing, all inclusive and you never know where it will lead you. And I am enjoying seeing others in the pool delight in the same prospect and view of life. Jude posted on a recent block by jeana’s 3 year old E which really brought back memories of making things with my boys when they were young. We had such great times whatiffing back then. And I must say, it really paid off! Which is why I am compelled to continue on with the 4th grade room over at elementary art. What if I stopped going?

One last whatif….what if I started stuffing parts of the shibori flowers with silk batting?

4 thoughts on “what if?

  1. sammy stafney

    I got the package and Glennis, I could not be more delighted… every piece is just so Yummy… I look forward to using up every piece into special projects… again thank you for your generosity!



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