some catching up….

in my head i have written numerous “ghost posts” here but just haven’t been able to actually get them
written down on the computer. i have a laundry list of things going back to the Long Beach Quilt Festival and i’m not quite sure how or where to start.
in preparation for the show i spent quite a bit of time polewrapping ribbon-

these are discharged and ready for overdyeing

previously i had been unwinding 2 at a time- i realized i can do as many as 10 at a time!
every little bit helps!

it was a pleasure to have a show in my home town for once which made set-up a breeze.
i snapped a couple of quick photos one morning before the doors opened-

a view of the front table- 360˚ display which can be walked around- lots gets sold off this table
-hey! that’s my friend jennifer from atlanta in the background! she sells the most delicious vintage trims-some which she hand dyes. she’s a fabulous seamstress and makes high-end pillows for interior designers in the south. she shared a booth with another friend (Dawn of Dawn Sklarr Ribbons and Trims) we always try to get our booths near to each other as we often share the same customers-beforehand we imagine we’ll have time to visit but it never works out that way-a good thing-means we’re busy!

close-up of the ribbon display

i’ll load some larger images into my flickr with some notes later….. i really haven’t taken many photos lately- (just being in the moment and later thinking-hey i didn’t get a photo of that! oh well….)

the make & take flower workshop was great- a little tricky being the first to present the first hour of the first day…(have to change that next time- last show i was the LAST hour of the last day- i asked to be moved up and i got what i asked for!!) we made it work and had about a dozen people altogether.

ta-da! one hour workshop and each wore their flower pin out of the workshop.

thanks to everyone who came by to purchase shibori ribbon, flowers, scarves and dyes and to those who stopped by to say hello and introduce themselves. it was great to meet so many who read the blog as well as other bloggers themselves. i finally met Jane Lafazio who runs Mundo Lindo-great to put a face to a blog! Also many thanks to Jeanne from the San Jose Quilt Museum who brought by many customers and stopped in at my workshop with her group!
i also want to thank Maggie from Things Japanese for helping out at the show and demonstrating the Colorhue Dyes at the booth.
more appreciation to the staff at Quilts Inc. who put on a great show and really got the crowd out at the festival- great attendance! the City of Long Beach ought to be very appreciative!!
we had a great salmon bbq at the house one night after the show for friends and exhibitors that we don’t get to see often. great fun!
the quilt exhibit at the show was great as usual- i realized i had seen a number of the pieces at the previous show and became aware that i was still attracted to certain ones- i really like the journal quilts-i think because they are very experimental and many are technique based. the small size allows the maker to try out ideas that might be considered too overwhelming or time consuming to do on a larger piece-at least until one has done a smaller one. i still loved Gloria Hansen’s work. probably one of my favorites.

i’ll leave you with this photo which is what i did the following week-

absolutely nothing! (at a cabin near yosemite)

except noticing the small things-butterfly on queen anne’s lace

next post-
Pasadena Bead & Design show….

5 thoughts on “some catching up….

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    jane! i was tripping arond the internet reading up on what had been posted about the LBQF and saw you modeling your “designer gown” at the luncheon. hilarious!
    looks like everyone was having a grand time!
    checking out the pinwheel peace project…



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