shibori in the news…

Will Japan get a National Center for Traditional Craft Techniques? There is discussion surrounding the idea that many technical aspects of traditional Japanese crafts have relevance to modern technologies and their potential applications in solving modern problems may be lost.

“The noses of rockets used in the space shuttle program, which are made from a titanium alloy, are shaped using the Japanese shibori technique (which involves hammering a shape on an anvil),” he said. “Conventional steel-casting techniques were incapable of producing a metal that was strong enough.”
Click here to read the full article from the Japan Times.

4 thoughts on “shibori in the news…

  1. Eric

    I certainly hope they finally pull that off!

    But… somehow I think there was some miscommunication about what traditional art was used. Perhaps he meant one of the traditional metalworking methods from Japan which are (were?) amazing.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    I wondered about that. I was trying to figure out how the two might relate myself.

    But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the National Center for Traditional Craft Techniques!



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