Silk Study Tour

I’ve been promising Maggie at Silk Things I would write a quick post about her silk study tour to Japan next April but I keep putting it off since I am busy tending my silk flower garden in anticipation of my upcoming shows (they don’t grow themselves!).

Maggie is interested in sharing, teaching, and learning all there is to know about silk and what better place to go than Japan? The tour runs from May 6-16 2009 and the deadline for the first set of reservations is July 15. After that, prices may be a bit more so the earlier the better. I believe the tour will accommodate 18-20 and there are still a few spots left.
Some of the tour highlights include:
-option of attending the Tokyo Hobby Show on the first day after arrival
-shopping on the Ginza
-all day class with renowned Japanese quilt artist Noriko Endo who has been exploring silk in her recent work
-a visit to Takasaki, home to the Nippon Silk Center where we will be treated to a day of learning about silk dyeing processes using natural dyes
-a stay in Annaka to take in the hot spring baths, scenery including a beautifully serene river walk
-a visit to Usai Filature Mill-one of the few remaining silk reeling mills left in Japan
-a visit to Hachioji where we will stay withing walking distance to the Metropolitan Research Institute. Here we will meet with the Tama Silk Life 21 group who will lead us in a hands on experience making “floss silk” from cocoons, silk reeling, and weaving silk into fabric.
-a visit to a silk farm practicing traditional sericulture
-a visit to the Museum of Fiber & Technology on the campus of Tokyo University led by the museum’s curator

All this in addition to absorbing the beauty and culture of Japan! May I recommend my favorite Japanese Language learning website? Japanese Pod101. I’ve been listening to lessons as I tend the silk garden. 日本語を調査しよう (nihongo o benkyo shimashoo!)
Contact Maggie Backman for more info on the tour.

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