shibori structure suspended

Working on photographing these pieces…’s harder than it looks. They turn as I try to photograph them so even with good light large images get a little motion blur but also allow me to photograph them from many sides. Smaller file sizes like this don’t show the blur too much. My goal these days if to use as little photoshop as possible- it’s just a time thing. I’d rather take the best photo I can rather than spend time fixing up a so so image.

I am imagining………..many more of these……many colors …….many sizes….
I need a bigger space!

3 thoughts on “shibori structure suspended

  1. Dar

    Oh, my! I love this! reminds me of a wonderful windspiel a friend of mine brought back for me from Switzerland. How big is this piece? I want to see more!


  2. Lorie

    I reminds me of a sea creature..we’ve been watching ‘Planet Earth’ on dvd… And I know what you mean about taking pictures. One of the reasons I started blogging and flickr-ing is to catalog all the stuff I make! I like your little kitty picture w/your work!


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    approximately 2′ x 1′ suspended. the original piece of fabric was about 60″x 10″.

    i agree, it does have an oceanic feeling to it- kind of like a jellyfish….



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