stitching into the madness

It started with a simple desire. To add volume. In that effort I have been stitching wire. Fine wire into the edges of silk shibori. I showed you in an earlier post some silk organza I had pole wrapped. It looked like this:

Ever since then I’ve wanted to sculpt this piece of fabric. So, I am stitching it with fine wire and giving it volume.
Photographing it will be the trick. It will be marvelous fun to photograph but I need a REAL studio space properly lit with seamless background where I can suspend it.
I have done a few smaller test pieces and am finding it difficult to photograph them here but the possibilities abound.
Back to the wire. I am going wire crazy. Seems I can’t do shibori this week without adding wire to it. I have always been attracted to the sculptural aspect of shibori but the wire business is a real boon to my shibori structures. Around here it is jokingly described as “gravity defying shibori”.
I must get back to making stuff that actually sells….a couple of shows coming up- more on that later.
In the meantime, preparations are being made for the Elementary Art show entitled “Practice Looking”.
Photos as soon as I figure out how…

be in touch and wonder~

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