woven shibori

Things are getting even more interesting in regards to the “mokume” repro challenge. Several weavers have submitted images that make it seem possible that one could create this pattern using the woven shibori technique- something that had never occurred to me. I know next to nothing about woven shibori but have spent some time behind a loom many moons ago. Not knowing much about woven shibori, Bruce over at narablog has introduced me to Catherine Ellis whose book I have seen and maybe now need to purchase. I also came across this link to Weavercast which had a podcast interview with Catherine back in February ’07.
Weaving threads into fabric to later pull up and use as thread resists seems a likely way to create a very clean and precise design- such as the example- but was this technique used at the time this fabric was produced? Shibori detectives want to know…
In the meantime, I have been possessed by an urge to ‘wire up” my shibori…..spending copious amounts of time weaving wire into fabric giving volume and shape to shibori in what around here we jokingly call “gravity defying shibori”. The line between art and madness grows finer…I don’t think it will pay the rent but it sure is beautiful to look at.

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