off the poles today…

busy getting ready for Saturday’s trunk show at Pudgy Beads and these are the final pieces off the poles today-


still have to sew beads on the tops tonight but these colors were needed to round out the color selection.
and a few more ribbon colors as well….

even had a little time to make some more silk shibori ribbon flowers and play with a piece of the silk organza i got the other day-

silk shibori organza

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9 thoughts on “off the poles today…

  1. annalisa

    Those are beautiful colors! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with that delicious silk organza!!! (I think thats my favorite) good luck at Pudgy Beads 🙂


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    thanks all-
    the trunk show was great- the turquoise piece sold immediately as well as many silk flowers and ribbons. the beaders were very interested in learning what they could do with the ribbons and the shop will soon be carrying Shibori Girl Ribbon. Also a workshop is in the future…


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