silk shibori hanabi

i’ve been wanting to stitch on the silk shibori for some time. the small shibori test squares seemed
the perfect size for trial and error. i also don’t think i mentioned it but a group of japanese women
were demonstrating some sashiko techniques next to us at the cherry blossom festival. they had a book on japanese fisherman jackets that was fascinating and made me want to play with some simple sashiko stitching on the silk shibori. for many years i have had a stash of twisted silk embroidery thread from japan in a rainbow
of colors and that’s what i used here. this piece is about 4″ x 5″ with a black silk backing and a very thin layer of silk
batting sandwiched in between.

this design reminds me of fireworks (or hanabi in japanese) against the night sky

sitting down to stitch this tonight was a welcome relief as i am on visual overload from spending the day at the LA textile show downtown. picked up some inspiration, ordered some fabric to dye plus a few new things to test out some ideas.

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6 thoughts on “hanabi

  1. annalisa

    This is a lovely combination of the two techniques I especially like the way the stitching on the night sky begins to create a swirling texture a la Van Gogh’s Starry Night!


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    i knew that would get you jude! and thanks annalisa-
    i can see how this could become an obsession…i like the simplicity of the sashiko technique. i don’t even know if you can call it sashiko – so far i’m not stitching a traditional pattern, just following the one in my head as my needle makes the small stabs into the silk fabric. i am in love with this silk batting by the way…. next test- shibori dyeing and shaping the batting itself…. i see less sleep in my future!


  3. Lorie

    Your work is wonderful, and that stitching is addicting! I went to college in L.B, you’re lucky to be in an art rich area! Your colors are sizzling!



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