feelin’ a little blue….

yesterday was our 5 year anniversary (no we’re not married!) and phil took me outside to kiss me in the moonlight of an almost full moon. it was lovely, large, and kind of orangey, low on the horrizon . i’m here alone today waiting for my people to come home realizing this is the first year since my kids were born 19 years ago that we haven’t all dyed easter eggs together, also realizing they’ll both be away to college in a few short months. so it’s in that spirit of blueness and love and an orangey full moon i decided it would be a good day to get out the indigo vat again. also keeping me company (besides that crazy orangey cat milo) is a new book i received entitled “blue and white, japan” by amy katoh, an expat living in japan and who has a shop in tokyo of the same name. now i found my copy on amazon- which turned out to be a first edition hardback signed by amy herself for $5!! you might not be so lucky but whatever the price it has me wanting to do more indigo shibori.


as usual the vat needed a little sharpening and now what to dye? phil’s had recently given me some shirts for rags (which i said i didn’t need and told him to put in the recycle bin) so i rescued them and tore the backs out of them. they appeared to be cotton so i thought i’d give them a try in the vat. a little makiage moon and several dips in the vat yielded the result above. i like how indigo takes to cotton-very different from silk. i think the fine close woven threads of the silk offer less area for the dye to attach to. this cotton seemed to suck it up. can you see the leafy pattern across the fabric where even more dye attached? there is a pattern woven into the fabric. especially noticeable with a backlight.

i call it easter moon blues

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8 thoughts on “feelin’ a little blue….

  1. anna lisa

    Oh its just beautiful! I especially love the back-lit effect, It reminds me of the ginkos on ginkos Karren posted at entwinements awhile back… a lovely ghostly look, a magical moon


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    thanks so much…..still in my “moon phase” yesterday i did two more pieces-both different phases of the moon, soon to be sewn into a triptych wall piece- maybe with a silk ribbon border….we’ll see.


  3. whereishenow

    ooh………….. nice….

    I have that book, blue and white… and I just love it. I haven’t been to the shop but my friend went and bought me some antique material and some kitchen stuff.

    totally loving your indigo stuff. and totally envying it.


  4. Juanita Sim

    Your easter moon blues is the perfect tribute to a sweet moment. It’s so great to drop by here and get an eyeful of colour and to see your latest pieces. The orinui swatches you posted a couple of days ago are very nice, so delicate.



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