dye samples and more

I finally had to break down and get a new burner. The old one lasted about a year and a half
of pretty much constant use. Never did fry a turkey in hot oil though- I prefer the oven for that!

So with that done, I continued on testing out the Colorhue dyes- which I forgot to mention last time
are fiber reactive dyes. They are a special custom formulation produced by Jacquard for Things Japanese.
I started out doing swatches of the 7 colors I ordered. Using a very non-scientific method, I dyed solid shades
of each color onto one yard strips of ribbon. Aprox DOS =3. Most all dye particles were attached to the silk and water was
near clear each time.

-next I played around with dyeing some secondary color swatches. Just getting the feel of the dyes. To get better
solid (level) shades with these dyes you can over dye the fabric 2-3 times with the same color, letting the dye strike
the fabric multiple times. It’s looking like Easter eggs here!

Remember spinach and butternut squash?

maybe butternut squash is really dandelion- weeds are flowers too!

it now looks like Easter baskets-

and taking it further, stitching up a quick orinui swatch-

or two-

3 thoughts on “dye samples and more

  1. cardona507

    Amazing! Very inspiring! It was good seeing you this past weekend. I hope that you enjoyed Santa Cruz. Keep up the great work!



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