more on the eggcrates..

a couple of posts back i was “what-iffing” and started playing with some eggcrates. my idea was to use them to mold some fabric (3mm silk gauze) by compressing it between two of the eggcrates thereby creating texture on the silk. i further enhanced the idea by drilling holes in the peaks and valleys of one of the eggcrates in order to infuse with dye before setting the texture. kind of itajime-like. the biggest problem with this idea was that the eggcrates softened to the point that they didn’t give a sharp enough texture on the 3mm silk but the dyeing part was kind of interesting. when i realized that the result was not what i intended i took the fabric and pole wrapped it for arashi texture. still didn’t like it. not sure what it will become next… can see some of the process photos on my flickr page.
now i am looking for some other objects (more rigid materials) in which to mold my fabric.
some baking utensils come to mind…..
a walk through home depot might produce some possibilities…
whenever i go to home depot and someone asks “what are you using it for?” i usually make something up so as not to confuse the poor soul who so unknowingly asked….it’s just easier that way.
yay! a whole day in the studio dyeing today.

3 thoughts on “more on the eggcrates..

  1. anna lisa

    Home depot or any of those hardware stores are often more fun to me than art supply stores, I get so inspired by all that great stuff to work with and there is less of that “art” pressure to live up to. I can just feel free to play!


  2. beth

    ha! I too know the confused stare and frightened gaze of the people at the hardware store.

    In my paying job- I work for a construction company, the plumber doesn’t give me the eyebrow in the air look anymore when I ask if he’s got any pole scraps laying around. He came over to fix a leak and SAW what I do with them. It was sort of a eureka moment for him. But everyone else thinks I’m batty when i tell them not to throw something out. I can’t even explain it to them. But the plumber gets it. 🙂 The hardware store guys- still want to know why I want 6 clamps.



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