I did manage to get a bit of experimenting in among the production work yesterday and it was a bit of a disappointment. You know how when you’re in the shower with the hot water running over your head or standing ironing yards of silk you get these ideas of things you want to try? Well I had this idea…..
It all started here when I saw Enno de Kroon’s egg cubism for the first time. I was casting about for some ideas for painting in the 4th grade classroom and fell in love with his 3 dimensional work. I started saving egg crates for the class. Not that we would approach portraits but that giving them the idea and opportunity to paint on a dimensional surface could open doors to other possibilities- it would be fun to see what could happen. I contacted Enno and he was very helpful as I asked him for permission to share his work with our class. We haven’t collected nearly enough egg crates but I did find a source where we can buy some if we’re feelin’ spendy one day over at Elementary Art. Back to shibori…..
Now I have half a stack of egg crates sitting there in my view everyday and one day I wonder…..what if…

3 thoughts on “working

  1. jeanne, herself

    LOVE the egg cubism and can’t wait to see where you (and now jude!) go with it. how i do love any sentence that starts with “what if . . . ” as for collecting egg crates, wonder if you could make friends with your local grocer, cajoling them into putting up a sign encouraging customers to bring back their un-destroyed egg crates for elementary art students in need.


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