dyed hands

dyed hands

Originally uploaded by iamtonyang

A recent comment from neki rivera (neki desu) at A Moveable Feast got me looking for info on sukomo (composted indigo) and I came across this site which had somehow escaped my notice. There is a great section on indigo farming and indigo vat preparation using sukomo. Looks like they are giving a talk at the upcoming conference (SDA) in June of 2009.
If you search Flickr for images of indigo you will come across several of “indigo hands”-.

4 thoughts on “dyed hands

  1. jeanne, herself

    oh, do i ever have a thing for hands. love that picture and the way the indigo makes each knuckle on the left hand look like an eye – a wizened eye, at that – while index finger on right hand has complete face.


  2. whereishenow

    like gives a totally different twist to the whole “green thumb” thing.

    I think that is such a beautiful shade of blue that I would be thrilled and honored to have such beautiful hands.



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