more indigo and gyotaku too!

If you read my other blog, Elementary Art Exploration, you know that March is printmaking month.
We will be exploring various printmaking techniques including gyotaku. Made we wonder how it might work on silk using
some special instant set dyes…….more on that later.

In the meantime…..
2" indigo silk
more indigo silk ribbon. this is 5 yards of 1″ ribbon done in the arashi technique
and dipped about 10 times in the vat. I actually did steam it- not to set the dye but to set the pleats.
In the beginning of the year I wrote a post expressing that I really only loved textured shibori but I have
to eat my words now that I have been indigo dyeing. After setting the pleats I ironed them all out so I could appreciate
the lovely vaguarities of the indigo blues hiding in all those pleats.

2" & 4" indigo arashi silk ribbon
Indigo shibori ribbon can now be ordered in 4″ and 2″ widths.

and just because I could, I dyed 10 yards of solid indigo 4″ ribbon-
4" solid indigo silk bias ribbon
-perhaps to be used on my indigo shibori nine patch

Back to polewrapping and flowermaking….

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7 thoughts on “more indigo and gyotaku too!

  1. Justine

    **Drool!!** OMG! That ribbon is incredible! I bought an indigo kit a while back from ProChem and I’m still so scared to take the plunge. It’s beautiful, you did a fantastic job!


  2. jude

    now that is just amazing, i was just thinking about the solid, delicious. mmmmm. and the 4″ wide is really showing the pattern flow nicely! how long does the vat last? indigo is swimming in my head like a fish.


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    fishes, yes…even milo enjoyed the gyotaku experiment- i caught him up on the desk sniffing and licking the gyotaku print this morning-
    as i understand it, the indigo vat will last until all the indigo is exhausted. each time i have gone to use it i need to put in a bit more disolved thiox to get the vat back to a reduction state. only takes 20-30 minutes usually. so, the life of the vat depends on how much fabric i’m dyeing and how well i’m taking care of the vat.



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