shibori silk ribbon flower class

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joggles ribbons

For those of you who just received your supply list for the Joggles online Shibori no Hana class, here’s another photo of the silk ribbons that Barb recently restocked. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in the forums and creating shibori flowers together. Feel free to ask any shibori related questions as well and I’ll do my best to answer them or at least lead you in the direction of an answer.

For anyone who may want to explore taking an online class at Joggles, you can still sign up as the class doesn’t start for another week (Feb.21). Even then, you simply receive the lessons via email and do them at your leisure. Pop in and out of the forums as you choose and post your results, ask questions, or get clarifications regarding the instructions. What I really enjoy is that there are some really talented people taking classes who have their own expertise that they bring to the projects and we all benefit and learn together! The classes are quite reasonable ($10-$15 a lesson) and all the supplies are available right there on the website. For those who wish to remain anonymous, you can simply get the lessons & read the forums (some people don’t have the desire or the time to join in the interactive fun!).

To see some of my shibori ribbon flower work you can visit my Flickr set of silk flowers.

For the next week I’ll be busy writing and photographing for the class- this is a different set of flowers than the last class (which will be repeated next time if you missed it). Also in the background I will be filling ribbon orders, one of which is for F & S Fabrics in Los Angeles. I’m excited about this as I keep getting people asking me where to find my ribbons locally when I’m not at a show. If you live in So Cal and like fabric- you know F&S. If you visit here, it’s worth a trip. They use to buy my buttons and have a fabulous button selection– not to mention a gal who can find you the perfect button for ANYTHING! Apparently a large selection of trims as well.

8 thoughts on “shibori silk ribbon flower class

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    good- i’m in front of the computer right now sewing, photographing, and writing lesson two. due tonight. HS jazz combo rehearsing in the background entertaining me.
    you of all people could not be considered lame! ribbon to ship end of week.


  2. Elaine

    Where is the closest place to Billings, MT where I can get Shibori ribbon and/or take classes. Or would that be only online? Thanks! Elaine



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