indigo shibori nine patch

playing nine patch with play-day indigo shibori samples……

things i learned so far about indigo dyeing:
-it’s messy- keep separate tools for indigo
-i like the variations of blue that can be achieved-i’m not so interested in solid shade dyeing which is good as that seems more difficult!
-the indigo vat is constantly changing
-i like to remove the texture with indigo so i can appreciate the different shades of blue
-there’s a LOT more to learn!

13 thoughts on “indigo shibori nine patch

  1. jude

    where did you get the indigo? i really want to try this. i am waiting till i stop commuting!
    these are gorgeous. i have looked around for indigo dyed silk and haven’t found much.
    i am so excited!


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    there is a slight odor to the indigo-nothing i personally found distasteful but i am working outside. i don’t like doing anything odiferous in the house besides cooking so i can understand your husband’s request.
    there are many ways to get an indigo blue with acid dyes or perhaps a local workshop on indigo….


  3. Violette

    The 9 patch blocks are gorgeous. How did you come up with patterns? I almost signed up for a 14 week class on indigo dyes at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Like your husband, I have chemical sensitivities so I was afraid I would get sick. The class was about making dyes from plants and creating an indigo garden in your home so I am not sure how bad the smell would be.


  4. shiborigirl Post author

    the patterns were mostly a result of random folding, clamping and binding. nothing elaborate-just free play dyeing. that’s the beauty of shibori at times- the unexpected results. then again, shibori designs can be completely planned out and meticulous but ultimately unique. give it a try sometime with whatever dye set you have on hand.


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  6. neki rivera

    i’ve learned patience from indigo 🙂
    been trying for 9 summers and last summer (#10) i finally got a vat going.
    now this summer embraved(is that a word?) i’m going to try with some treasured sukumo.

    neki desu


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  8. whereishenow

    those squares are fabulous and I am such a “tightwad” that it seems a waste to put them all in one place.

    very very cool and great design and potential for so much….

    I really should look into growing my own….and learning the whole process….


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