play day

Today I played with the indigo vat. Last post I thought it wasn’t working properly but turned out it was just fine- I was just having a hard time seeing that the color below the surface was yellow green. It had sat for a couple of days now and required “sharpening” with a little thiox solution. I just played with small swatches-binding, wrapping, folding and clamping. Also pole wrapped some silk ribbon. The indigo needs lots of dipping and drying to build up the color- not really a production technique for me. I’d like to try out some cotton fabric with the indigo to see what the difference is between cotton and silk as far as the depth of color one is able to achieve. Have a few photos- still in the camera. I’ll get them loaded up to flickr tomorrow- I hope. Working with the indigo I’ve gained a real admiration for the indigo dyed fabrics narablog posts on flickr. I obviously have a lot of practice ahead of me. One thing I notice is that while it takes a lot of patience and dipping to achieve an even dark solid indigo blue, what I really like is the variety of values that you can get on one piece of fabric.
I also did a discharge on some black cotton seam binding I want to use for the edge of another experimental piece- you’ve seen part of it before- the makiage challenge pieces. I have a day at the sewing machine coming up soon.

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