oxygen gives birth to indigo blue

turning from greenish-blue
to blue
-working on the depth of shade
oxygen is the life force of indigo, like a baby taking it’s first breath of air- it comes alive.
mysterious but chemically predictable.

watched a youtube video on the extraction process of indigo-

9 thoughts on “oxygen gives birth to indigo blue

  1. Kristin

    That’s an amazing process. I couldn’t help but wonder though, how toxic it might be for the guys to be soaking up indigo all day long. Being a plant, is it pretty innocuous (besides turning the men blue?), or would that much anything being soaked into one’s skin eventually be harmful?


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    i read something recently that indicated that indigo was not toxic or harmful. i’ll have to look for the source of that information-or google it and report back. i searched flickr for photos tagged “indigo dye” and came across some wonderful photos of indigo dyeing around the world. check out this photo:
    dyed hands

    and this-
    Indigo Hands



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