studio time

this week:
base dye black, mustard, teal, pink, red
iron and roll 200 yards of ribbon
pole wrap 200 yards of ribbon
discharge, overdye, steam set and dry said ribbon
unwrap, skein, invoice and ship.

made the indigo vat using synthetic indigo from prochem. i carefully followed the instructions on the website but i’m having problems (i think) with the stock solution reducing and i’m working on a solution.

i am also working on indigo dyeing silk / wool yarns shibori style for knitters- interested in creating ikat/kasuri-esque shibori knitting yarns and discovering the patterns that can be created when knit into sculptural/ textural patterns
gotta get the indigo vat working properly first.
in the meantime, think i’ll ask Sandra if she has any ideas….

be in touch and wonder~

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