one of those days….

so i had all kinds of things planned for today. somehow all is diverted to fixing things that are broken down.
cars (more than one!), plumbing, doors. not to mention that when i went out to the studio this morning the micro bursts/tornado winds from last night turned over the heavy metal shelving and everything on it (no dyes or supplies-those are kept safe in a closed in shed). so all is cleaned up, kitchen plumbing taken apart and cleared, one car fixed (only the windshield wipers), another one having a coil replaced to hopefully fix a mysterious intermittent problem, and another on the way to having the windshield replaced.
we are having lots of rain and wind here so expecting more of the same through the weekend. i have been known to base dye in the rain…..
next up- an indigo vat and report on the pasadena show…

be in touch and wonder~

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