in process

view from the pole
view from the pole- all wrapped up, ready to push. this fabric was sent to me all the way from Norway from
Emily who dreamt of seeing this spotted vintage kimono silk lining as shibori.
I base dyed it on a pink passion afternoon, folded it and wrapped it onto the pole for discharge.
overdyed it with a strong mix of blues and sent it to the steamer. It was dark by then as it had been a full day of
wrapping discharging and dyeing – a glass of wine in hand at days end I sat back and watched the steam
take shape against the dark. Emily is part of the Pay it Forward group.
love this scale
a recent ProChem purchase- love this little digital scale and handy reusable plastic
measuring trays. I had been using my beat up Ohaus triple balance scale that I’ve had for
30 years- beat up from daily use measuring ceramic colorants for clays and glazes.
pole painting tools
my primitive set up for over dyeing /over painting poles.

oh and how did that recycled silk turn out?

11 thoughts on “in process

  1. Debra Duckett

    Glennis girl you are the bomb. I have yet to try the discharge method, but, I am going to give it a go this weekend. You are the inspiration. I will send you a picture when it is done. I have everything that I need. I have just been afraid the try it. You go girl.



  2. beth

    Wow. Just wow. I can’t wait to really get into more discharging-but it’ll have to wait till I can do it outside. These are just gorgeous. You are truly talented.


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    thanks everyone! wow….
    beth & debra- discharging allows you to overdye and get color combinations just not possible otherwise…look forward to seeing your results as well.


  4. Ravenhill

    I can’t believe it! You are amazing Glennis. Talk about metamorphasis! It is gorgeous! Are you pleased with it? Just thinking how funny for this fairly aged kimono silk to be sent first from Japan to Norway and then to the US. It has also gone from ready for the dump to ready for the ball!


  5. Bonnie Jones

    All of the adjectives have been used to describe your art……..but, this is the most fascinating art form I have ever seen…I think I will take your class…where did I see that..Joggles, I think.


  6. shiborigirl Post author

    more thanks!
    emily-yes i am pleased with it. it’s a little heavier fabric than i usually work with and it took the pleating very well. also- i do like the thought that it traveled ’round the world to end up the way it did. i’m considering it for an entry to a local fiber show…..
    bonnie-i’d be honored!
    my next class at joggles starts Feb 14 and is on the shibori ribbon flowers.
    i am working on preparing an online shibori technique class.


  7. Melanie

    Wow! I just found you through Ravenhill, and I have to say – truly amazing work!

    I now feel guilty about the piles of vintage kimono silk I throw out due to damage. I’m wondering, can you use it…? Please contact me if you’d like me to send stuff onto you.



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