purple passion borealis


10 yard roll of color #6- Purple Passion Borealis

Credit for this colorway inspiration goes to Karren Brito as Purple Passion was the first color I dyed using the recipe from her book. Beyond that, it was pole wrapped, discharged and overdyed using a variety of colors.
I have several colorways tagged “borealis” -dyed over various base colors- some discharged (as in midnight/black) or not as in ecru borealis. The borealis colorways are probably the most popular colors as they offer such a variety in a single length of ribbon and turn even a simple flower into something very intriguing.

example of flower in process using ecru borealis- note each petal worked out to be a different color!
-an unintended happy result! side note- this piece of ribbon was ironed to remove the pleats as it was the center for a larger flower that had the pleating preserved. I often like to contrast the two results.

4 thoughts on “purple passion borealis

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    if by “this” you mean making shibori ribbon, then no. i don’t think so- at least not yet! i think i can say that i’m the only one in the world currently making silk shibori ribbon.
    wierd huh? just trying to find my niche. i think you could do it with cotton but i think silk is preferable when it comes to ribbon. is this what you meant?



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