shibori furoshiki

I guess I can start here, and then go on to tell you that furoshiki combines the words “furo” meaning “bath” and a form of the verb “shiku” meaning “to spread”. This word originated in the Edo period of Japan when public baths were common and people carried their belongings in a square cloth, then spread the cloth for use as a bath mat.

Now having grown up in Japan, I saw everything carried about in furoshiki and have long admired the fabrics and the origami-like folds one could produce with these beautiful cloths.

Recently, I have created some beautiful shibori furoshiki for special customers and seasonal gift wrapping. From very tiny, to moderately sized, shibori furoshiki can envelope a special gift and become part of the gift itself, to be used over and over again.

Itajime designed furoshiki is a favorite of mine, second however to any textural form of shibori so this piece combines a little of both- accordion folded and pole wrapped on 3mm silk gauze.

You can see more here.

4 thoughts on “shibori furoshiki

  1. lee

    omg – these are so lovely. my dear friend (who went to Japan to study for a year, 14 years ago, and hasn’t come home yet) brought me a furoshiki for a christmas trip home a couple years ago. I treasure it, although i haven’t managed to use it for its intended purpose.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    thanks all- i hope to do some more work with this idea soon. way too much going on right now……i think there is one more (bottle wrap) on my flickr site if you want to look…..



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