EF goes to Japan to find artisans who still practice the art of shibori

I saw this headline on a style blog write up. EF stands for Eileen Fisher the designer and they offer this shibori wrap for $138 plus shipping. I dare say that much more inspired shibori scarves can be found without traveling to Japan for the same price. I’m just saying, if I traveled to Japan to find some inspiring shibori scarves and this is what I came back with, I’d be a little disapointed.

As I was ironing the ivory silk I thought it could make some lovely custom silk ribbon for someone. As it turns out, there is only 29 yards and I will probably have only 25 yards for sale. If I am doing custom work I need to have a little to play with and to make a sample for approval. So, with that thought in mind, I will be offering this 25 yards out for a custom dye job. Think bridal, bridesmaids, bridal bouquets, or how about evening wear gowns, silk sashes, or even a lovely silk binding for an art quilt? 25 yards ought to do it. I’m putting out the word.

here’s some photos of the silk so far:
sizing removed

ironed silk

ready for dyeing

aaah- Monday again and it’s off to visit the 4th grade classroom. Today we are working with found leaves, view finders and paint to create some macro abstract designs.

be in touch and wonder~

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