ribbon and more…

When I was in Houston, my friend Jennifer from Atlanta gave me about 40 yards of 5 inch vintage silk ribbon. It’s all that is left from a purchase she made some years ago from a lot of silk from a French ribbon source. She had quite a bit of narrower ribbon at one time but not too much of the wider silk. It’s fairly heavy woven silk still with sizing in it that will have to be washed out before dyeing. In contrast to the silk satin bias that I have been working with, this ribbon has finished woven edges. With the sizing still in it, it almost seemed like a fine cotton. I washed out the sizing from a swatch and did a burn test just to make sure. Yup! It’s silk……am thinking of how I want to dye it.

I ordered up some indigo and need to find a local source for some lye. If I order it from Pro-chem, it costs an additional $20 to ship as a hazardous material. I remember someone on a local guild forum listing a local source for it- have to look for that again. I want to do some indigo dyed shibori ribbon.

I snapped a quick photo of the latest batch of ribbon which is being shipped to a new customer in Japan and to Joggles.com. The ribbon is done in 10 yard cuts for wholesale and wound with a ball winder so yardage can be cut from the center pull.
Today I attended the WAC meeting in Pasadena. Dayle Doroshow gave a talk on her polymer clay work. It made me want to play with some. For as many years as I spent with clay, I never played with polymer clay. She is teaching 2 days of workshops and I’m sure I’ll regret not taking at least one. Just too many other things going on this weekend. Also today’s WAC meeting was highlighted by the “fashion show” featuring the vests members made for the vest challenge. Many creative pieces were shown on the “runway” and members voted on their favorite pieces. I did a little something with some arashi shibori and learned a few lessons as well. Nice afternoon.

As for the other things going on around here…….it will be an early Thanksgiving dinner here tomorrow for the members of Chase Long Beach who leave for their 3 week tour of the UK on Wednesday and will be missing Thursday’s celebrations. Now here’s a shameless plug and a plea for mercy and support from any readers from the UK. I know there are quite a few out there from my site reader stats as well as a couple taking the joggles online class all the way in England! My son, known as “baby T” plays trumpet for the band. They are going over on a shoestring budget and the wing of a prayer so if you see a bunch of cold, hungry looking kids from So Cal willing to play music for their supper, offer them a hot bowl of soup. Better yet, if you have or know of kids over there who enjoy ska send them out to see the band perform. They are a good bunch of kids who can get a room full of kids dancing and having fun. A full list of their 15 shows appears on their Myspace page. So the above photo is about the thankfulness and abundance we will celebrate tomorrow and throughout this week.
(recipe-baked slices of acorn squash brushed with olive oil,salt,garlic, & fresh thyme garnished with toasted squash seeds from same)

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